5 Best Free Graphic Design Software For Mac

Several visual artists hit humps on a road when it comes to presenting their work to shows, especially the ones that require digital submission. We’re going to tell you about the best free graphic design software for Mac you can use to overcome your picture editing concerns. Simple works like resizing a picture or cropping out unfit background sound interference can send well-experienced visual artists to a professional person for help, or awful, to the shop to buy a pricy graphic design software suite. Read further to know about the best free graphic design software for Mac computers.

1. Image Tricks

Image Tricks is a free software program for editing your images and pictures using Quartz Compositions and with Mac OS X Core Image filters, it unbelievably enhances your pictures. This software application even has a mighty random image generator for creating peculiar backgrounds and abstract pictures for business cards, print materials, web design and more. This is one of the top free graphic design software Mac App Store has.

Price: Free

Download This Software Here

2. SketchBook

SketchBook was developed by Autodesk Inc. and has two different versions:

  • SketchBook Pro ($59.99) and
  • SketchBook Express (free)

Think of SketchBook Express like that pretty basic Paint application that comes pre-installed with Windows computers (except for Mac, of course). It provides a much more sophisticated UI. In addition to more drawing tool choices, colors, and so on – it provides you the ability to create some highly effective graphics and art works without spending big bucks. As far as the user reviews are concerned, upgrading paid version of SketchBook Pro isn’t really necessary because the free version itself appears to be working great.

SketchBook Pro is adapted for professional graphic designers. Other well-known features from the premium version include better layer control, high-quality brushes (airbrushes, pencils markers, flood fill tools, erasers, sharpen, blur tools – you name it) and custom brushes – also from your own intended pictures to make a custom stamp. With capability of importing and editing images, you can even have fun with the suite’s photo effects.

Price: Free & Paid

Download This Software Here

3. jAlbum 12.1.9

Each visual artist needs an effective way to store his or her images and photos so that they are organized always. jAlbum is the top photo organizer tool & editor for the reason that it not just lets you arrange your pictures using convenient drag-and-drop functionality but also creates HTML pages and thumbnails for your pictures. This way it is easy for an online submission. The HTML pages to submit can be configured either by exporting a slide show or via gallery. Apart from this, there is support for EXIF and IPTC data, style sheets, image filters, loss-less editing and a built in FTP client. This software program has a free trial version and a premium version as well.

Price: Free & Paid

Download This Software Here

4. Inkscape

Inkscape is an Open-Source vector graphics editing software package with abilities similar to Xara X, Illustrator, or CorelDraw, using W3C basic Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. It supports several intuitive SVG features (alpha blending, clones, markers, etc.) It offers a sleek user interface. It’s very simple to edit notes, trace bitmaps, perform complex path operations, and lot more. It even aims on maintaining a booming user and development community by using open community-based development. This is one of the best free graphic design software for Mac.

Price: Free

Download This Software Here

5. Synfig

Synfig is a free Open Source 2D vector and timeline-oriented computer graphics software suite developed by Robert Quattlebaum, with extra contributions from Adrian Bentley. It is a potential and extremely strong program designed from the base up for producing motion-picture-quality animation with lesser resources. According to creators, “whilst there are several other software suites presently on the market to help with effective production of 2D animation, we’re presently oblivious of any other program that can match our software’s abilities.” The editor provides a substitute to manual tweening in order that the animator does not have to create each and every frame.

Synfig saves it animations in a non-basic XML format, which includes domestic vector and raster graphics, cited to externally stored bitmaps. Besides many video formats, like Theora, digital video, MPEG and AVI, Synfig can even save to animated graphic formats, such as GIF and MNG. For great quality outcomes, it’s even possible to generate a video sequence as individual numbered images such as PPM, PNG, OpenEXR and PPM. With external programs, it’s likely to convert SVG format files into Synfig’s basic SIF format.

Synfig has spatial resolution independence, denoting that most components are vector-oriented, and all layers are parametrically created, thus even when modifying the target resolution of a component, the only pixilation that takes place will be for raster pictures brought in, and non in-built elements. It has integrated CVS support. Synfig holds a serious community that runs IRC, forums, wish lists, video tutorials and more.

2 thoughts on “5 Best Free Graphic Design Software For Mac”

  1. When it comes to free options for a MAC, I think Image Tricks does an excellent job. It enhances pictures to a level comparable to a paid tool which is no small achievement. Their image generator for creating backgrounds or abstracts pictures for print materials or business cards is impressive. I also found SketchBook (the free version) to be a useful tool.

    PS: You have not included any download links to any of the software presented. You have a “Download this software here” for each but none have a link to a page.

  2. I have recently installed Inkscape and was pleasantly surprised by what you can do with it. It has a friendly user interface and has open community-based development which should, in theory, lead to many useful features being added in time. It’s not (yet) updated as quickly as I’d like it to be but this is to be expected for a free tool.

    Haven’t yet used everything it has to offer but from what I’ve used, it is obvious that this is more than just another free graphic design software for Mac.

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