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10 of the Best Must-have Cyber Security tools for 2021

As technology advances, there is a need for more advanced tools to ensure your data and privacy is guaranteed. Security of personal data and transaction is the single most critical aspect in cybersecurity this year, and it will only become even more sensitive come 2021. Hence the need to have the best Cyber Security tools

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Drones for Photography – Drones and Sports Best Photography Drones

If you are looking for drones to get great aerial shots, this is the place. The drones have to be fairly easy to fly, extremely stable, and preferably come with a very good camera. Hobbyist and Professional photographers use high-end drones to capture beautiful, unique images, and videos, and so can you. DJI Drones DJI

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Future of Self-driven Car Technology

Earlier this year, the manufacturers of the Smart Self-driven car technology announced that these cars would be put to test in real life scenarios. The test ground, chosen for the autonomous self-driven cars, was the Palo Alto, California. However the successful launch of the highly anticipated autonomous cars was shortly marred by a series of

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5 Best Free Graphic Design Software For Mac

Several visual artists hit humps on a road when it comes to presenting their work to shows, especially the ones that require digital submission. We’re going to tell you about the best free graphic design software for Mac you can use to overcome your picture editing concerns. Simple works like resizing a picture or cropping

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Nintendo’s Wii U – First Look

From the makers of Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda comes the next generation gaming console, the Nintendo Wii U. A prototype was announced in April, 2011 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and the console is expected to be launched sometime in December this year. From the illustration on the Web, the controller

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